Dave Cote, CEO of Honeywell Speaks at Second Plenary

Video Interview

David Cote, CEO of Honeywell, speaks to Policy Network ahead of his speech in the second plenary.

In his speech Cote discussed climate change-related business trends and Honeywell’s growing role in the European and U.S. energy efficiency markets.

“While adoption and the individual savings contribution of these technologies will differ by region, the overall forecasted energy savings is 15-20% for both the U.S. and Europe,” said Cote.

Cote discussed the impediments and solutions to using energy efficient technologies, including a call for governments worldwide to uncover more ways to curb energy consumption while creating incentives that support energy and economic security.

“Reducing energy intensity while improving energy and economic security is a huge issue,” said Cote. “We won’t get there unless we address the behaviors inherent in the system. It is all very doable, we just have to get started.”

Watch his speech in full here.


One response to “Dave Cote, CEO of Honeywell Speaks at Second Plenary

  1. Dave Cote’s most important point was that Honeywell is coming out with ”green diesel” produced from Algae. Algae doesn’t compete with food chain, and can be produced freely using photosyntensis and capturing carbon. In fact this recycle CO2 and we can achieve CCU -Carbon Capture & Usage instead of CCS -Carbon Capture & Storage-. CCS is a sustainable methodology used in nature since the early stages of life on earth.

    Dr. Marios Gerogiokas
    UPF-UK environment Chapter

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